Block Island, RI

7am anchor pulling with millions of tiny sea monkeys on the anchor rode collecting on the chock and all over the bow. I tried brushing them off as I pulled the 120 feet of line out of the water. They didn’t like the chain part of the rode luckily. We made our way back down the Connecticut River against current but we made good way and it was a gorgeous sunny morning. Sunscreen.

The Old Lyme Drawbridge tender let us know via vhf we had 4-5 min to make the bridge before it closed. I had the Yanmar at it’s highest rpm yet trying to make it and we had about 30 seconds to spare before it came down to let the Amtrak zoom across.

This is my first time transiting The Race. This is where the Long Island sound meets the Block Island sound through a relatively small gap. The current runs very fast so timing is crucial as usual. Thanks to a bit of luck and our stellar planning we cruised right on through under full sail and made it to Block Island in about 9 hours. Exactly one year to the day when Laura and I arrived last year.

Days run: 43.1 NM




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