Essex, CT

Another no wind day but we did throw up the sails to give us a an extra half knot. 13hp is not enough for Celeste’s 10,000lbs. I assume a little more with the beer and snacks.

We decided to put in at Essex instead of pushing hard for Fishers Island. The current was not going to be in our favor and more importantly it was Monday so there were sea shanties to be sung at The Gris. Lope wanted to try out Fish Tits anyway. He lays claim to have named the dinghy which I’m pretty sure is true. Everyone at The Gris knew the shanties word for word which I thought was fascinating. Where do you learn these songs? I guess at the Gris. One of musicians told us he’s be shanti-ing for 20 years and he was one of the new guys. There’s some serious maritime history in this town. The Griswold Inn has been there since 1776.
The wind was predicted to pick up considerably so we decided to make Block Island the next day. It would be an early morning.

Days Run 39.8 NM

Charles Island sunrise.
Saybrook Breakwater Light at the mouth of the Conn River. It’s haunted of course.

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