Charles Island, CT


Lope and I departed Port Washington, NY east by north east. Penobscot, Maine being the destination for this cruise.

The weather was perfect to every one except those who use it to provide energy for motion and I guess for those at work. We resorted to leaving on the little 13hp Yanmar and motored. ALL DAY. This the furthest Celeste has motored during my ownership. It was too much motoring.  The lil Yanmar ran beautifully though. The day was uneventful which is what you usually strive for when sailing from place to place but we weren’t even sailing.


Lope felt pretty rough due to the celebrations the day before so he spent a good amount of time recuperating. The sound of the engine purring sent him into hours of sleep. Today as I type he is feeling his spritely enthusiastic Lope self.

We put it in at Charles Island off the coast of Milford, Connecticut; another of the many islands that are rumored to have some of Captain Kid’s treasure. It’s a just a bird sanctuary now and they sang us to sleep sans tequila shots.

Days Run 44.3 NM

next stop Essex Conn



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