Ossining, NY

The alarming sound of Slash’s intro to Welcome to the Jungle enters my ears and then into my brain yet I came to life feeling refreshed in Sleepy Hollow as Axel started his screaming. This was Brett kindly reminding me that I needed to get up because we were about to go tubing down the Delaware River. The sail up here was partially responsible for my good mood.

The southerlies arrived just as expected by my many wind prediction apps, Windy.com and PredictWind being the favorites. I pulled up the main, took a deep breath and eased out of the anchorage into the frenetic entrance of the Hudson River. Soon I realized I would be heading dead down wind so I wanted to drop the main to fly out the genoa unblocked. Of course I picked the worst possible spot to spin the boat 180 degrees into the wind to lower the main. As soon as she swung around two ferries came rocketing out of their berths from opposite sides of the river full throttle directly at me. Of course the dutchman system didn’t guide the main down as it should have so I rushed on deck to secure the main with a sail tie, hauled ass back to the cockpit and spun the boat back around as the the ferries sent massive wakes colliding into the hull. It was a welcoming gesture from their loving hearts. Shortly after this I decided to throw on the main sail cover as to reduce UV damage and in the process a breeze accompanied with some rolling wakes took my prized Celeste hat from my head and into the Hudson it went. I suppose it was my toll.

Oh hey.

The entire sail to Ossining was a magical downwind sail. It gives you the urge to yell out loud every once in awhile like you’re cheering for Tom Petty or someone to play another song. Also, you can sing Tom Petty songs or any song as loud as you want and it’s not as weird as it is in a car when you have to stop singing because another car pulls up next to you because there are no cars.

U.S.S. Intrepid with the prototype Space Shuttle Enterprise entombed on the stern.
The GW Bridge. I’m purposefully not including the other bazillion bridge shots I have.

The west side of the Hudson (NJ then NY) is gorgeous green lushy cliffs. The further you go north, the better it gets. As you pass the Tappan Zee Bridge the Hudson opens up and to me it’s just beautiful. I made it to Ossining which is about 6 NM past Tarrytown and I hope to go further next time though it’s perfect distance to Janet and Brett’s in Sleep Hollow.

On Saturday we trekked in cars to Easton, NJ for some tubing down the Delaware. It could have a been a little warmer but at least the water was 79°, the same as the air. Collectively we decided that next time we’ll find a tubing trip with more excitement. I was surprised to see as many Confederate flags in a few hours in NJ as you would expect in some backwoods southern town. I suppose these type of people exist in the backwoods of all directions.

The return trip began with motor-sailing and adjusting the headsail constantly furling it in and unfurling ect ect until I got to the George Washington Bridge. It was like the gate to NYC welcomed me in and I sailed under full sail on a beam reach the entire length of Manhattan. AWESOME!!!

The brown water of the Hudson is much prettier when sailing full sail on a reach.

I arrived at the end of Manhattan earlier than expected because of the unexpected perfect wind. As luck would have it, the currents were just about to change direction and start back up the rivers so it made sense to me to just keep going right on up the East River and back to Port Washington, so that’s what I did. The wind was shifty up the East River so I motored at a screaming 9kts. After Hell Gate I threw up the genoa and motor-sailed for home. Welcome back to the jungle.

Days run. 51.0 NM




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