Liberty State Park.

A storm just passed through with fierce lightning.  It was the second storm in less than a day that somehow missed the meteorologists attention. WeatherBug said lighting struck .1 mile away and to seek shelter immediately. I think it may have been closer.

I was fairly nervous about transiting the East River and the a NY Harbor. I took some sailing courses a few years back in the harbor so it wasn’t completely unfamiliar.

Clicking to the top of the roller coaster, the infamous Hell Gate.

The reason for the nervousness is of course being the extreme current that flows through Hell Gate and most of the East River as well as the plethora of boat traffic. There was little traffic actually until I got to the South Street Seaport area where there was plentiful traffic. Without any one on board I was busy looking out for possible collisions and also trying to grab some photos!


The journey down was just awesome. It felt reaffirming seeing all the cars on the FDR going to work knowing I was not.

After rounding the southern tip of Manhattan and all the craziness of the seaport I was in view of the Statue of Liberty. I anchored behind her, had lunch and admired the incredible view.

She’s doing her best up there.

The wind picked up so I had a sail around the harbor evading the massive ferries and sightseeing boats, barges and anchored tugs.

And these behemoths.

I ended up anchoring a bit further north and it happened I had a first row view of the local sailing races. Two of the gorgeous America II were also sailing around. I can never tell what’s going on but it was still fun. As the races died down and the sun dipped behind Jersey City, the real magic happened. The city lit up and the Hudson got quieter and quieter until I swear I heard nothing…

The contrast of the brightness and silence was remarkable. Also, I seriously need to upgrade my camera.

Days run: 30.0 NM


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