The wrong kind of dark ‘n stormy

We sadly departed Block and headed West.  With the winds being indecisive for much of the day, we alternated between sailing, motor sailing, and plain old motoring.

We first thought of heading to Gardiners Bay and paying a visit to Greenport, but with the SW winds, heading up to CT would allow for more sailing and less motoring.  Rocky had a failed balloon rescue attempt but he made up for it later on by sailing me over to this macdaddy score.

Congrats grad, but next time dispose of your balloons properly please

We were making pretty good time and despite the rain, decided to head all the way to the mouth of the Connecticut River. My fearless Captain kept his spirits high. And I stayed dry down below.


Up the River we went. Rocky had been here before but it was a first for me. Essex, CT was our goal.  Soon after entering the river we approached Old Lyme Drawbridge which supports thousands of Amtrak passengers every day. Shortly after hailing the bridgetender on VHF he granted us permission to pass and up the bridge went!

Then the real fun began. We’ve noticed a trend throughout this trip. Every time we’re getting close to our destination for the night, conditions take a turn for the worse or something happens that creates a lot of last minute excitement. Usually it’s in the form of crazy wind. This time it was an opposing current that ran much stronger than the charts predicted and thunderstorms that were much closer than we would’ve liked ⚡️.  We prefer our dark ‘n stormys in a glass over ice, thanks.

A good hour later than expected we made it to Essex and grabbed a mooring at Brewers Marina with the anticipation of some serious gusts.  We took them up on their free launch service and unexpectedly went ashore with a little less than two hours to get back to the launch in time.  Essex is rich in maritime and American history and it’s obvious the moment you step foot on the dock.

Happy to be dry and warm we shared the worlds most perfect french onion soup and seared tuna at the cozy Black Seal. Afterwards we hit up an old salts paradise, the Griswold Inn. The Gris. We were greeted by a talented crooner band and a huge gin and tonic.

Laura’s new favorite band, Java Groove!

With a few minutes to spare we made our way through the dark rainy old Essex and back to the ship.

Days run: 47.9 NM.



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