Block Island. We’ll be back.


A mariner can get almost everything he/she needs delivered right to the boat in the Great Salt Pond here on Block Island, but


we figured the food would be better and cheaper on shore AND we get to use our dinghy.  Weeee!

Celeste patiently waiting our return in the background

I don’t know what I expected Block Island to be. Maybe that’s why it was so much better than I hadn’t imagined. We traversed it’s wonder by dinghy, foot and moped.


To me the island was sort of a cross between Ireland, the Caribbean and obviously New England. Maybe I haven’t seen much of New England. We zipped thru it’s lush hills topped tastefully with fine architecture this morning in awe. Even the smell is awesome.

We ventured over to dinghy beach, dropped anchor and walked over to Crescent beach where the Atlantic meets the Sound. There was a seal popping around only a few yards from the swimmers. Before I could blink Laura was down there getting uncomfortably close.

Being able to go anywhere, anytime on our little inflatable is a unique freedom. Laura loved driving it around but as I was about to take a picture of her we ran out of gas. Your humble narrator rowed us in. Almost.  The wind picked up something wicked and our new neighbor friend Ian with a sailboat named Blue from NC offered to tow us over to Celeste with his dinghy. I probably should not be telling that story so most likely I will delete this.

Dinghy Beach

Why are light houses so cool? Because of their resident ghosts duh.

2.5 days isn’t nearly enough time here but we should start heading back to real life. Or should we?  There were many options tossed around and we’re still not sure of our next destination but we’re probably heading back west early.  We’ll leave the rest up to the wind.  Friday looks to have favorable winds but a lot of not so favorable rain.

Its very difficult to leave here.




3 thoughts on “Block Island. We’ll be back.”

  1. Hey Rocky,

    I was thinking the same, the pic of you guys at the Tiki bar (not shown here) definitely looks like the Caribbean. Who knew New England was so versatile.


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