Block Island. New beginnings.

Celeste had her first crossing through the Block Island Sound and sailed on a beautiful beam reach right into Rhode Island.  The furthest east she’s been yet.

Crossing the sound was an entirely new kind of sail and showed us what Celeste was meant to do. The swells became wide and deep which is a whole new feeling. We are used to the chop in the Long Island Sound; this is the ocean. Now I can envision the trips that are in our future with her.

Block Island Sound

When Rocky was at the helm, I stayed on dolphin watch. No luck this time but maybe on the return trip. I remain hopeful.


With the currents working in our favor and a max speed of 8.4 knots, we coasted right up to the entrance of the Great Salt Pond.  Our calming state of mind quickly turned to chaos as hundreds of boats came into view.

We were clearly the new kids in town.  One nice man shouted from his boat for us to call the Harbor Master.  We did, and then patiently waited to be told where to go as more and more boats lined up behind us.  As we held steady in a small channel (which is not an easy feat in a sailboat with gusty winds), a miracle in the form of a man on a dinghy appeared. He directed us over to a town mooring rental that had just become vacant. Number 33.  We never felt luckier!

Lucky number 33

We settled in and had the best dark ‘n stormys yet.  With chicken tacos simmering on the stove, I took my first shower in three days and felt like a million bucks.  Cannot wait to finally take our new dinghy to land this morning and see what Block Island is all about.


Days run: 22.5 nautical miles


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