Fishers Island

It was a much shorter sail over to Fishers Island. We set a variety of sail trim attempting to exploit the 2+ knot magic carpet ride to it’s fullest. Timing the tides and currents here is crucial. We mostly sailed on a broad reach so it was a fast, comfortable sail although we did have some swells tossing us around. Top speed of 8.8 knots over the bottom. The ebbing current slid us right through The Race and into view of Fishers Island and the nation of North Dumpling.

Lord Dumpling, a.k.a. “Dean Kamen” presides over this very interesting entity. Laura had me slowly creep by for a closer look, though with the large white mainsail up we probably weren’t too stealthy. After surely being discovered, we hoped he’d call us over to join for a cocktail and discuss taking a sightseeing excursion in his helicopter (North Dumpling’s Airforce).  For 10,000,000 dumplings (the nation’s currency at 1,000: 1 USD), maybe he would’ve. Cool NYT article in hyperlink.

North Dumpling
North Dumpling Air Force


We had plenty of space in the anchorage being it was Sunday night and it was a bright one lit up by a full moon. We started to watch the film White Squall which I thought I’d seen but apparently had not. We didn’t make it through the entire film so we have that to look forward to! I think…

Mondays’s departure to Block Island will be delayed till around 1pm as we wait for our ebbing magic carpet to begin. Laura found YouTube videos of dolphins frolicking in the Block Island Sound so she’s excited and expecting to join them.

Days run: 38.3 nautical miles



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