Thimble islands. At anchor.

Back at the picturesque Thimble Islands in Connecticut. Laura’s breaking out the ginger beers. The last time I was here I arrived on a perfectly calm day and departed the next morning in 30 knot winds which was quite exciting. Celeste achieved her fastest speed yet surfing down waves at 9.6 knots.

After 4-5 hours of motoring out of home base Port Washington we finally got some decent westerlies right on the stern. The noisy engine goes to sleep and we take flight wing on wing dead down wind. The wind died a bit and we wanted to make the Thimbles by sunset so we motorsailed for a moment until the wind came back with an urgency.

8 knots over ground under main alone as 28.8 kn gusts bring us in to the cute little islands each with their own 10 million dollar home perched on top. Some islands have several including my favorite island to anchor by not surprisingly called Money Island.

Money Island


Laura got bored motoring so I ended up with this.


We have decided ALL of the balloons that escape from their party end up in the Long Island Sound. We decided to pluck them out when we could and are planning an extensive dead balloon montage in the future. Here are the first two. We missed a couple…


Our goal is Block Island and have no idea after that but for now we’re at anchor and the grill is heating up.  Dark ‘n stormys taste so good here.

Days run: 57.2 nm

Thank you Dave for setting up this blog!


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